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That rotund monstrosity of a creature

with a distorted face and contorted features

Picking me out for not paying attention

what’s the harm in a siesta post digestion

So I fell asleep in the middle of a lecture

it just means she should have done better!

For how could one appreciate the nuances

of those groovy colors doing funny dances

unless you close your eyes after seeing

the sun outside your window gleeming

If I fell asleep it was her to blame

English grammer was never my claim to fame

I know it sounds like absolute gibberish

but hey in my poem i could call it fibberish

After all there are no bespectacled ladies

breathing down my neck, like hades

Always checking if I got my grammer right

now I is getting it wrong, let her do what she might!

May she stand on her head or upright

which sane mortal would see that ghastly sight

There are prettier things that deserve my attention

like the curiosities of what the cat just brought in

Having been blessed with a superior mind

I really don’t give a rat’s behind

for people who are are adversely opined

in matters of resting the human mind

My cerebrum lost it’s cheery disposition

discombobulated with articles and prepositions

As if that were not enough already

her wrath comes down upon me in a flurry

She should be glad that I did not use a club

to express how I felt, give her a nice nub

So ungrateful that I in fact turned up

to attend that class, like eating a death cup

And so I hear her constantly comaplaining

about me not working, not listening

Well that’s all I get I guess for being,

a dutiful student, hey is that a butterfly I’m seeing?


The pain I feel when I believe

that I am someone I am not

The emotional roller coaster ride

that is tearing me apart

Am I doing the right thing

I ask myself all along

with answers that confuse my head

I just carry on…

I am changing, this I know

I am not the same person I was

some days ago,

things have changed

and I have had to move on

but it’s difficult to take the leap

Scared unsure of every step

I take out of my comfort zone

This is not who I was once

is this who I am now?

The judgement I pass about myself

is always cruel, so harsh, so low

I would have never done this once upon a time

but why does it not seem so wrong now?

Have I changed to something I am not

or has my definition of myself changed?

It is so confusing to be in conflict with myself

just praying that this wont leave me deranged

I thank those who are there

to hear my woeful tales

All I need is a patient ear

when everything else fails

But this time it is up to me

to push myself to the extreme

for once to make up my mind

about who I really am…

Then again I will never know for sure

for my judgement feels so clouded

with the smoke of society’s opinion

and all the voices in my head crowded

But I guess that is life in all..

in the end there will never be a “for sure..”

The privilege of anonymity

is a beautiful thing

when you can speak your mind

and always get away with it

Along with it come certain tendencies

like a wicked streak concealed in mysteries

for none will know who it was who spoke

yet the words been said, a lasting blow

But when all know who has spake

you have to accept, cannot fake

For oh cruel this tendency

to bask in glory of victory

you bring out in me the need to share

to tell everyone who you hope cares

But out in the sun with no curtain to hide

you must gracefully reconcile

for now they know who is behind those words

and now you stand on a double-edged sword

For in anonymity my thoughts flowed

liked an uninterrupted stream downhill

but now I check my every word

can my writing be truthful still?

But I continue to write my heart

for my pen will not let me stop

so many things I have to say

Think whatever they may

I would like to thank my dutiful friends

who pulled me out of the shadows

for now I fear nothing again

especially words like critical arrows

It will only make me responsible

for now I know I am accountable

for the words I speak hold some brevity

I am no longer in anonymity

Today I stopped to see the sparrows

from flower to flower without a care

No worries ever on my mind

when they were always there

But then they all went away

leaving my childhood behind

Only for them to come back one day

when I had worries on my mind

Today I took a breath

to stop and smell the roses

But roses there were none

Instead I found to my heart’s delight

the sparrows had finally come

They were as they were before

Fluttering without a care

Hopping and flying happily merrily

now here and then there

But it was I who had not

remained the way

they last left me behind

I wish I too could be like you

as in the glory days

but that I have left behind

But oh those days are gone now

and things will never be the same

So I watched and watched

and watched some more

Till it was time to say goodbye

For you’ll go away and

never look back,

but leave me teary eyed

So long, farewell my little friends

for you have taught me well

The lessons of life that

will last me long, only time will tell

You’ve been good friends

and came to visit

when I needed you most

This act of love I’ll never forget

and wish you’ll come more

Today I stopped to see the sparrows

may be they stopped to see me too…

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Some favorite lines…

This too shall pass..
- Anonymous

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
- Calvin Coolidge