A classroom snooze..

Posted on: January 29, 2012

That rotund monstrosity of a creature

with a distorted face and contorted features

Picking me out for not paying attention

what’s the harm in a siesta post digestion

So I fell asleep in the middle of a lecture

it just means she should have done better!

For how could one appreciate the nuances

of those groovy colors doing funny dances

unless you close your eyes after seeing

the sun outside your window gleeming

If I fell asleep it was her to blame

English grammer was never my claim to fame

I know it sounds like absolute gibberish

but hey in my poem i could call it fibberish

After all there are no bespectacled ladies

breathing down my neck, like hades

Always checking if I got my grammer right

now I is getting it wrong, let her do what she might!

May she stand on her head or upright

which sane mortal would see that ghastly sight

There are prettier things that deserve my attention

like the curiosities of what the cat just brought in

Having been blessed with a superior mind

I really don’t give a rat’s behind

for people who are are adversely opined

in matters of resting the human mind

My cerebrum lost it’s cheery disposition

discombobulated with articles and prepositions

As if that were not enough already

her wrath comes down upon me in a flurry

She should be glad that I did not use a club

to express how I felt, give her a nice nub

So ungrateful that I in fact turned up

to attend that class, like eating a death cup

And so I hear her constantly comaplaining

about me not working, not listening

Well that’s all I get I guess for being,

a dutiful student, hey is that a butterfly I’m seeing?


1 Response to "A classroom snooze.."

This one is my first successful attempt at humor..(at least successful enough for me 🙂 ) . I dedicate this poem to 2 special people who got me through recent tough times and put me in a mood good enough to write this… !!! Thanks guys..

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